Voltage Regulators

2,695  (税込) (税抜 2,495 )
This is the Castle Creations CCBEC, 10 Amp Adjustable BEC. The CC BEC is a little device that eliminates the need for a receiver and servo battery pack. It...

4,855  (税込) (税抜 4,495 )
The Castle PRO BEC is intended for use in larger RC cars, electric aircraft, and helis that have high power demands for their radio/servo systems. It is...

1,685  (税込) 1,512  (税込) (税抜 1,400 )
Vego Creations, Flight Controller, PDB / Regulator
6A UBEC, selectable voltage 5.6.7V. 7V - 5,7pin jump 6V - 5,6pin jump 5V not use jumper pin  input voltage : 2-10S Li-po weight : 7g(incl...