Transmitter / Receiver

1,815  (Including tax) (税抜 1,650 )
Castle Creation, Neck Strap

660  (Including tax) (税抜 600 )
Castle Creation, Neck Strap

3,630  (Including tax) (税抜 3,300 )
Cooltec, Receiver / Transmitter
  SPECIFICATIONS: Passageway:  1ch Adhibition:  Fixed wing/Helicopter/gliders/Car/Boat Frequency range:...

33,000  (Including tax) 23,100  (Including tax) (税抜 21,000 )

32,450  (Including tax) 21,615  (Including tax) (税抜 19,650 )
Futaba, Receiver / Transmitter
The Futaba 6K has T-FHSS AIR telemetry system. It is a high-performance radio that it has not only Airplane and Helicopter mode but also Multicopter and...

3,740  (Including tax) (税抜 3,400 )
Futaba, Receiver / Transmitter
フタバR2000SBMマイクロ用S-bus受信機(S-FHSS) 方式:2.4GHz S-FHSS S.BUS出力 アンテナ:ダイバーシティ方式 寸法:20.0×10.0×3.0mm 重量:2.8g 定格電圧:3.7~8.4V...

8,800  (Including tax) 6,380  (Including tax) (税抜 5,800 )
Futaba, Receiver / Transmitter

10,692  (Including tax) 8,019  (Including tax) (税抜 7,290 )
ハイレスポンスAFHSSモード対応 2.4GHz 受信機。AFHSS 2.4GHz 6ch フライバーレスシステム用。 フライバーレス用3Gジャイロ等をシングルラインで接続できるS-BUS&SRXL-MPXバスを装備。 ハイレスポンスAFHSSモード専用 (7mSec)。 デュアルアンテナ。...
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2,640  (Including tax) (税抜 2,400 )
Big Nuts, Receiver / Transmitter
Futaba introduced FHSS to offer modelers a less expensive way to enjoy 2.4GHz dependability. Other advantages include extremely low latency, exceptionally...

2,288  (Including tax) (税抜 2,080 )
Big Nuts, Receiver / Transmitter
We've tested result range about 300-500m Specification: Weight: 2.8g Size(LxWxH): 22mmx15mmx3mm Working current: 48mA max...

1,980  (Including tax) (税抜 1,800 )
Team BlackSheep, Receiver / Transmitter
For when its time to double your TBS Tango battery life. (It's always time!) A 2-in-1 lipo pack for the TBS Tango (BATTERY UPGRADE). SPECIFICATION...