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PEANUTS 7200mah 11.1V 15C 28x75x136mm we can't ship out side JP

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It has a battery lineup of various sizes. 
Specify the battery each the thickness of the form of shrink within.
Why do you use a battery of big name brand? 
PEANUTS is a cute name, but the performance is equipped with a ferocity and calm one side like a polar bear. 
Please try a performance full of. 
Capacity : 7200mah
Configure : 11.1V / 3cell  
Pack size : T28 x W75 x L136mm +-2mm
Weight : 570g +-2g
Discharge rate :
Constant discharge : 15C
Peak discharge : 30C
Balance connector : JST-XH
Discharge Plug : Amass XT60 Genuine
Charhe rate : 1-3C Reccommend, 5C MAX


Battery Cells:
  • 3セル
  • Up to 6000 mah
Discharge Rate:
  • 10C - 15C

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