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Li-Po/Fe Transmitter / Receiver pack 

1,793  (Including tax) (税抜 1,630 )
This board's main power lead comes equipped with an XT60 connector, which is handy for chargers like ISDT. It also comes with an adapter to go from XT60...
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3,278  (Including tax) (税抜 2,980 )
FATSHARK, Goggle / Receiver
Now with USB charging! FSV1815 adds USB charging support to the standard FSV1803 Fat Shark goggle battery. Add capacity by charging the smart battery...

2,805  (Including tax) (税抜 2,550 )
note : if you havent knowledge for the lipo battery must be careful how to use. if you get any incident we are not responsible. A unique feature of...

2,156  (Including tax) 1,760  (Including tax) (税抜 1,600 )
-Features- Fireproof fabric prevent for fire hazard This lipo-guard is a fireproof bag, designed to stop and contain the fire caused by...
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