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Orlandoo Hunter 2.2g Low Voltage Servo #AS0022

Orlandoo OH35A01 Jeep, Orlandoo OH32A02 PAJERO, Orlandoo OH32A03 G-Class, Orlandoo OH32P02 Tundra, Orlandoo OH32X01 Bouncer, Orlandoo-Hunter
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Orlandoo Hunter  2.2g Low Voltage Servo #AS0022

  • Size : 16 x 8.2 x 16.5mm
  • Voltage : 2.8V - 4.2V
  • Speed : 0.09s/ 60degree 2.8V /// 0.07s/60degree 4.2V
  • Torque : 0.07Kg / 2.8V /// 0.1Kg / 4.2V
  • Gear Type : Plastic
  • Connector : Mini JST
  • Wire Length : 10cm
  • Include : 2.2g Servo , Servo Horn

Caution: Do not input Up to 4.2V. It'll get burn.

OH35P01 F-150 Only use 1.7g servo. other models are fit to 2.2g servo

We are not responsible any trouble with this servo


Replacement Parts By Brand:
  • Orlandoo OH32A02 PAJERO
  • Orlandoo OH32A03 G-Class
  • Orlandoo OH32P02 Tundra
  • Orlandoo OH32X01 Bouncer
  • Orlandoo OH35A01 Jeep
UP-Grade Parts:
  • Orlandoo Hunter

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