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OXY 2 "ESSENTIAL" Electronic Combo #LYX-LX3000

Lynx Heli, OXY 2, Flight Controllers, Electronics Combo, Servos, Motor, All, ESC
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Lynx Heli Innovations always works to offer special products with the best price as possible, without compromise, now Lynx offer OXY 2 Super Electronic Combo, named "Essential".

The OXY 2 "Essential" Electronics Combo, the best Electronics Components for your OXY2 190 or 210.

Thanks Lynx OEM production of Servos and EOX Motors, and cooperation with Hobby Wing ESC and Spartan-RC, the “Essential” OXY 2 Electronic Combo, open the doors for new games.

After many test we know, the “Essential” Oxy 2 Electronic Combo will satisfy who want start enjoy OXY 2 , but also the expert pilot. Thanks our experience and test, this combo have incredible fly performance.

Every single choosed component are known to be perfect choice for OXY 2, and now with an incredible retail price.

The Best Bang For Your Budget - OXY 2 “Essential” Electronic Combo

- Product Information:

  • 1 x FBL Unit Spartan-RC Vortex PICO - VX1p
  • 3 x Cyclic Servos Lynx Servo DS-895-HV - LX9004
  • 1 x Tail Servo Blue Arrow H0988UHS - LX2616
  • 1 x ESC: Hobby Wing 25A-V4 - LX2614
  • 1 x Motor: 1 x EOX 1611 - 5500 KV - LX2395



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