Vego Ninebot Mini Pro Off-Road Tire Set

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It is great up Grade for your stock ninebot Off-road tires !!

®Ninebot by segway.

High Quality rubber , more Grip feeling at the road.

what's need replacement tool.

  • Wide Fender
  • 2.5mm HEX
  • 3mm HEX
  • 6mm HEX
  • Bead Cream
  • Air Valve remover
  • Vise or Bead breaker strongly reccomend use bead breaker
  • etc....


  • 2 x Off-Road Tire

Must be use with Wide fender is this tires not compatible stock fenders

Wide fenders here

If you haven't knowledge tire replace or mechanical work. reccomend bring to the cycle shop or motor cycle shop.

For users : This Third party tires are not genuine. we are not responsible any damage and injury. when you purchase these parts must be know these note.

No installation manual. you can check tire replacement video below.


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