LunchBoxFPV DaLuchbox V2 TinyWhoop Edition

LuchBox FPV, Goggle / Receiver, Accessory, Case / Bag / Apparel, LuchBox FPV, All, Micro, Under 190 mm
23,598  (税込)
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Product Description

DaLunchbox is more than just a micro drone case!

At DaLunchbox, we want everyone to have a positive experience with drone technology. We want to make it easy for you, friends, family, co-workers, to enjoy the fun and positive benefits of flying, without the hassle.

With our 14 integrated technology features, DaLunchbox now gives you everything you need to fly drones with or without goggles.

You too can share and enjoy the beauty of flying with one product that will last a lifetime.

DaLunchbox is your key to these 14 features:

  • 5" LED Screen
  • Two 5.8GHz antennas included 40 channel capability with a built in auto-channel scanner
  • XT60 Connector that allows endless power with any 2S-6S lipo battery
  • 3D inserts that are customizable, files can be found on
  • USB charging port to charge your remote, GoPro, Smart Phones, etc...
  • JST 2.0 connector 1S LiPo charger, charge up to 4 batteries at a time
  • Standard micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, to record and share your flight videos
  • Standard video out port connector, to connect to your goggles, or watch your live videos on a TV screen.
  • Standard tri-pod screw, to use DaLunchbox for long-range flights, or as a base station at race events
  • Volt checker, for any standard 2-6s lipo batteries
  • Power switch to turn DaLunchbox on and off easily
  • Sturdy carry case with handle, to travel conveniently with Internal rechargeable battery, with an included 12V wall plug
  • "DaLunchbox is the swiss army knife for this community." - Founder, Jason Mainella aka LunchboxFPV

-What's Incluede-

  • DaLunchbox V2 with built in battery

Not incluede Quad and quad battery. only reference picture.


FPV Accessory :
  • Accessory
  • Case / Bag / Apparel
  • Goggle / Receiver
FPV Racer Parts:
  • LuchBox FPV
FPV Racer Frame:
  • All
  • Micro
  • Under 190 mm