GEPRC TX6 230mm

GEPRC, All, 220 - 250 mm , Prop size - 6 inch
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This we all call him Chimp, model is GEP-TX. Careful players can see, GEP-VX and our Chimp is the same series of products, the appearance of a bit like a big brother GEP-VX. Chimp is a frame that can take the Gopro camera. Structure of “X Ture”. Applicable to freestyle and competition, there are 3 versions of optional, 4 inch (wheelbase 180mm), 5 inch (wheelbase 210mm), 6 inch (wheelbase 230mm), are using 4mm thickness of the floor. The whole machine uses 3K ultra light carbon plate. Gopro elements can be adjusted to adjust the range of 20-50 degrees, the lens is perfect support Hs1177, Hs1190, swift, Plus OWL and other most lenses. Lens distance 28mm. A reasonable layout, the factory comes with 10 WS2812B lights, support the microcontroller or flight control. Motor protection like a fish, to protect the motor to a certain extent, very good. Whole machine using YFS screws, the factory comes with a golden version. Random comes with BEC, 5V/12V PDB output. Save most of the time the player.


NameGEP-TX6 Chimp
Wheelbase230mm 6inch props
Arms board:4mm
Side board:2mm
Other board:1.5mm


Flight ControllerF3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh


  1. 3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the frame is strong
  2. Rack comes with Gopro seat, adjustable angle, 20-50 degree
  3. 5 inch wheelbase 210mm, 4 inch wheelbase 180mm, 6 inch wheelbase 230mm
  4. YFS screws, 12.9 levels of hardness
  5. This is “X” layout
  6. Support HS1190, HS1170, Swift, OVL and other lenses
  7. The motor position widened, like fish, the collision is not easy to hit the motor
  8. Adjustable lens, 0-60 degree
  9. With a piece of PDB panels, integrated XT60, BEC (5/12v output)
  10. With a PDB, integrated XT60, BEC (5/12v output)
  11. With the development of LED lamp board, support flight control(cleanflight/betaflight) or work independently with MCU


Incluede PDB,LED board

note : picture 5inchs frame 


FPV Racer Frame:
  • All
  • 220 - 250 mm
  • Prop size - 6 inch

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