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FlightOne Bolt32 V2

RaceFlight, All, 40 - 50A, 4 in 1, W / BEC
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Note: When using a Revolt V3, an external 5v bec is needed.

Four ESCs Built Into One

The FlightOne Bolt32 4in1 electronic speed controller (ESC) was designed for power and performance. Coupled with the Revolt or RevoltOSD FCs, the Bolt32 makes a thin stack while keeping the escs save inside the frame, protected from prop strikes. The escs are also safe from vibrations thanks to the integrated FlightOne Gummies.

The FlightOne Bolt32 4in1 is also extremely easy to install. It is compatible with 4s through 6s batteries and has a built-in current sensor that hooks up directly to the Revolt or RevoltOSD to provide amp draw and mAh consumed information. The Bolt32 provides direct lipo power for the RevoltOSD. When using a Revolt V3, a 5v bec is needed.


  • 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting hole spacing
  • Integrated FlightOne Gummies
  • 50 amp per channel
  • BlHeli32 and more to come!
  • D-Shot ready
  • 3s – 4s compatible (6s capable if modding the ESC)
  • Built in Current Sensors
  • Special low noise connector integrated with the Revolt and Bolt pair
  • Current and Voltage sent to flight controller
  • Easy Install
  • High-quality components
  • Weight: 15.5 grams

TBS Elite Bundle Power Cube などについての解説製品特徴など

Surise ModelのF3 Omni FC 20x20mm マウントのワイヤリングブートなどの参考に 工場出荷時のFwはBF3.1.6となっています。新しいバージョンのfwに変更したい場合際はOmnibus3.1.7以降を選択。   FC側はブートボタンはないのでブートする為にパッドをショートします。 写真の赤で囲ってある部分がブートパッドになりますのでここをショートさせてDFUモードへ入ります。DFUに入ったら上記のfwを選択してフラッシュします。 Beta Flight OSD内臓ですので写真のようにワイヤリングを行います。...
FPV Racing ESC:
  • 40 - 50A
  • All
  • 4 in 1
  • W / BEC

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